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Ten reasons to attend the Druid City Music Festival


Tuscaloosa is advantageously situated within a four-hour drive from several music-centric metropolitan areas, which allows for the city, and the Festival, to become an easily accessible destination weekend for those who travel for the two-day event.

Music for Everyone

From rap to blues, to country, to electronic dance music, DCMF will feature live music from many national and regional artists spanning multiple genres.

Welcome Back Event

The Druid City Music Festival will serve as a “welcome back” event for college students. What better way to start the new semester than with live music, entertainment, and fun?

Community Support

In addition to promoting Downtown Tuscaloosa, the Druid City Music Festival will also support Habitat for Humanity and the Tuscaloosa Juvenile Detention Center through contributions from events.

Local Food

Dancing all day can work up quite the appetite, but not to worry, there will be a large variety of delicious food options to choose from no matter what venue you are at.


Need a quick break from all the action? Want to take home a piece of Tuscaloosa? Need a last minute outfit? Stop by a local shop to find just what you’re looking for.

21 Venues

Artists will be spread across 21 venues in and around Downtown Tuscaloosa.

Battle of the Bands Competition

In this free to the public event, watch contestants battle it out to determine who will take home the title of “Tuscaloosa’s Top Band”.

The Experience

There is no better way to describe a festival than experiencing one firsthand! You won’t want to miss out on this opportunity completely immerse yourself in the live music and entertainment scene.


Looking back on pictures from the festival in years to come will remind you of how much fun you had during your time in Tuscaloosa surrounded by killer artists and musical culture.

Tickets are on-sale now:

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